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The house is on the edge of Grima, a sleepy Spanish hamlet in Almeria (close to the boarder with Murcia).  We are just the other side of a small range of hills from the sea (just 6km as the crow flies).


1 hour to Almería Airport

1 hour 15 to Murcia Airport

2 hours to Alicante Airport

3 hours 10 to Malaga Airport


1 hour to the ancient city of Cartagena.

2 hours 30 to the wonderful Alhambra Palace in Grenada.


This part of Spain has sunshine for an average of 320 days of the year. In the daytime temperature in the winter rarely goes below 17°C, in the summer it goes up to the a little above 30°C.  The cave, being underground, maintains a temperature of between 17 to 23°C through out the year, there are wall mounted electric heaters for the winter months, but it will feel pleasantly cool in the heat of the summer. 


Whist you can get some torrential rain storms this is very rare.


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