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Getting the cave house ready for guests

It has taken some organising to get the Casa Isadora ready for renting to guests. We are very nearly there! I nipped out for some time alone, 6 days to ponder and relax, as well as to but the finishing touches on the house before friends joined me for the last weekend.

After spending some time insect proofing the wood above the terrace and trimming the grape vines and bougainvillea, I noticed a little of the render was loose... This is where things started to go wrong...

I could see it needed removing... I was sure I could do a little rendering, and set about researching online whenever I was too tired to chip any more off... Before long I had removed huge tracks of render... Far too much to replace alone.... Oh no...!

My journey to this house in Spain has been an interesting ride, but made all the more smooth by my amazing friends and neighbours there. I was saved from the mess I had made by my lovely neighbour who sent her wonderful Spanish builder round to patch it up.

On returning from collecting friends in Alicante I found that the builders had worked some serious magic and the house looks as good as new. Muchas Gracias indeed!

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