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Impressions of Murcia

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Murcia airport is moving. It is the first time we have flown direct from Bristol to Murcia. The airport is tiny, like stepping back in time, reminiscent of Lulsgate (now Bristol Airport) around 30 years ago. Flights stop coming in here on the 15thof January, the date of the new airport opening, and the date we fly home.

Taking the opportunity to explore a new city, we (my wonderful friend Liz and I) booked an hotel in the old town. Although a little dated, it was a great price, with high ceilings and fresh linen, it was a treat to stay in. 

This is where things became slightly odd. I was having a little lie down. My friend Liz, having found an exquisite cheap tapas bar returned to the hotel. I was woken by the sound of brass instruments coming from the hotel lobby. It turns out we were sharing the space with the Queens Guards. They were invited to front tonight’s festivities to mark the Three Kings Parade, held on the night between the 5th and 6th January.

Going down to the lobby I was greeted by smart red uniforms, busby hats and polished shoes and medals. They were relaxed and chatty, letting Spanish families try on their hats and take photos. After watching the carnival (the Spanish really love an excuse for a fiesta) we found the best tapas bar.

Friends joined us at the cave house. Lots of walking, exploring and eating good healthy food, then back to the airport.  

We also got to spend quality time with our lovely neighbours; then, in true Liz and Morag style, strange and exciting things, once again began happen (as it seems to so often when we travel together). Returning to the airport, this time we found that we arrived in the festivities of the new airport opening, press core, champagne, goody bags, extra security and the King of Spain!

Another wonderful and memorable trip....

Morag MacDonald x

Morag MacDonald

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